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India Head Massage
India Head Massage


"I have experienced serious Migraine headaches for over 40 years.  During this time I had tried various analgesics and alternative therapy treatments, none of which had worked to any satisfaction.  Being sceptical, and on my sister's advice, as a last resort; well I had tried just about everything else, I booked an appointment with Annette Hutchinson for some reflexology. The treatment alone was a great treat; so relaxing and a great way to unwind.  I spent the rest of the day floating on air. To my surprise I didn't have another Migraine for 5 days.  Wonderful, as I had been used to almost daily headaches.  After two more treatments with Annette I managed for 5 weeks without  Migraine. This is life-changing therapy and treatment.  I can now do all the things I have previously missed out on. My family sees me around more. I can work without taking sick leave. Our garden has benefited from the extra attention it has been given. Holidays are not spoilt by my having to keep lying down."

Sue Clarke - Free Lance Photographer

"Relaxation heaven...................... from the first time I visited Annette for Reflexology and Indian Head Massage sessions I enjoyed the most relaxing therapeutic experience ever!  Having tried many other therapists before, Annette is definitely the one I would recommend for a professional and caring service always centred around your health and wellbeing. "

Carol Watson - Tewkesbury

"I have been receiving Reflexology treatment from Annette for over two years, in particular to help me with a problem with my vocal cords.  Her ability to relax tensions has undoubtedly helped me over the period to reduce the strain on my voice, which I now believe to be stronger than two years ago. Having the facility to be treated at home in your own environment is also a great benefit.  Annette is always punctual and provides an excellent service.  I have no hesitation in recommending her services."

Loretta Bennett - Outskirts of Tewkesbury

"I have been coming to visit Annette since my second year at university in 2007 and have found her to always be welcoming and professional. I have had Reflexology and Indian Head Massage with Annette and found them to be extremely effective, particularly in relieving tension across my shoulders and neck. Reflexology has also been really good to have as it has made me more aware of health issues which I wouldn’t normally notice so I can make a change.

Annette is scarily accurate with finding what’s wrong sometimes before it even becomes a problem, such as earache a week before it happened! I love going to visit Annette as he is always happy and her treatments are very relaxing. I usually feel like a limp noodle at some point! I thoroughly recommend Annette and only wish I had more student loan so I could visit more often."

Isobel Martin 

Sports Massage

" I contacted Annette initially because of a shoulder injury.  After the first session I felt the discomfort I had experienced for several weeks  ease.  I returned for a follow up treatment and now I am back playing squash and maintaining a good fitness level with the help of a sports massage.  I would highly recommend Annette and I continue having subsequent treatments for maintenance! "

 Simon Baker - Cheltenham


It's hard to compare Annette and Sport's massage with a Thai massage. On the one hand the sport's massage goes deep into the muscle and the knots disappear whereas the Thai massage is gentler and I become more relaxed which in turn leads to greater flexibility. In conclusion I need both in my life. Annette Hutchinson is a massage legend.

Ali Taylor

Thai Stretch Massage
Dry Needling

"Annette is an absolute miracle worker. I went from being unable to stand up straight due to agonising lower back pain to racing fit and placing in a gruelling trail 10k event after just one treatment with her magic needles. I have regular treatments with Annette to keep me up to my crazy active lifestyle and cannot recommend her enough. I honestly do not know where I would be without her outstanding massages, which are perfectly complimented by cupping and dry needling where appropriate."

 Jane - Tewkesbury

"Whilst having a shoulder, neck and head massage, I totally relaxed  especially as Annette was massaging my head.   I imagined the stress working it's way down my neck, shoulders and arms, dripping out of the ends of my fingers. 

The treatment completely cleared my head."

Christine   Tewkesbury

"I recommend the Indian Head Massage and also Reflexology treatments as they both highly beneficial to ones wellbeing."  

Barbara Brereton and Diane Peace - Retired Tewkesbury

"I enjoy my session of Indian Head Massage and Reflexology with Annette.  This treatment is so relaxing and relieves any stresses I have and certain pains."

Jill Powell - Housewife Gloucester

"I would thoroughly recommend Annette's Indian Head Massage as real 'me time'.  It is something fitted easily into your day, you stay fully clothed and it takes only 45 minutes!

Remarkably for such a short space of time, it is surprising how quickly you can 'switch off', relax and feel totally rejuvenated at the end of the massage. It is also good value for money and in a lovely environment - give it a go!"

Pip Deerhurst


"Just relax and let go, an hours bliss for me.  I experienced many special moments that have happened in my life.  Didn't want the hour to finish.  Big treat for yourself or loved one. I'll come again, thank you Annette with your magic touch and warm stones."

Anne - Cheltenham

"The ultimate blissful experience - it blew me away."

Stephanie - Aromatherapist Much Marcle

"I have found Annette to be the perfect person to help me overcome aches and pains with her superb, professional massage in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere."

Mr. Terry. B-S   Gloucester

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